Spring Fair 2019

Fun & Food for All
  • Games
    • Jump around on the Bouncy Castle
    • 4-D Virtual Reality contest – Test your culinary skills WITHOUT A KITCHEN
And which Balloon Sculpture would YOU like ?
  • Food Festival …
  • Delicious dishes available from around the World (Pork-Free)
Multi- Cultural Foods from around the World
Authentic Japanese Food, and dishes from 30+ countries
Representing the Diversity of the Tenby Schools Community

Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, and many more…

Marco Polo brought the Calzone to China?
Chinese Teriyaki !
Vegetarian Dumplings
Freshly Cooked – Authentic Taste – Better Than Fast Food
Need a Sweet Dish? Try our Mango Rice Cake !

The Most Authentic Japanese Experience in Penang!

Grilled Chicken – Japanese Style

How Mochi is Freshly Made !
Isobe Mochi – It’s worth coming just for THIS !
Kinako Mochi – You must try it to believe it’s so good !
Anko Mochi
Hot Dogs ! Just like being in America
The authentic home-made Kimchi is very famous for its delightful taste and medicinal properties
  • Drink Options
    • Stay Hydrated All Day Long
    • Abundant drinks, featuring Peach Tea, Coffee, Tea, and Water
  • Market Bazaar
    • Market stalls highlighting numerous arts, crafts and items from local suppliers
Something for Everyone Here !
Local Artisans Displaying Their Wares
  • New Additions for the 2019 Fair
    • Secondhand Book Stall – Come and choose from our wonderful selection of books.
    • Tenby Clothing items – Brand new Tenby items for Parents and Tenby Supporters, including unmistakable Tenby T-shirts, so you can show your allegiance to the school at events, and wherever else your daily routine may take you.