Meeting Schedules

TSPA Meetings

TSPA meetings are open to all parents and are held twice a term to update parents and for feedback, as well as for camaraderie with other parents.   A relaxed, networking meeting is also held twice a year as a Welcome Coffee Morning at the beginning of academic year for new parents to meet existing parents and committee members.

Annual General Meeting 

The 2019 AGM was held on Thursday 14th November, 2019.

The members approved the association’s audited accounts and its 2020 budget

3 new Excom members were elected unopposed to serve in posts on the Executive Committee

  • 3 x Key posts are elected every 2 years:  Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
    • (Next in November 2020).
  • 3 x Executive Committee (Excom) posts are elected every year
    • (Next in November 2020)

For more details, please refer to the TSPA Constitution.