Spring Fair 2019

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Fun & Food for All
  • Games
    • Jump around on the Bouncy Castle
    • 4-D Virtual Reality contest – Test your culinary skills WITHOUT A KITCHEN
And which Balloon Sculpture would YOU like ?
  • Food Festival …
  • Delicious dishes available from around the World (Pork-Free)
Multi- Cultural Foods from around the World
Authentic Japanese Food, and dishes from 30+ countries
Representing the Diversity of the Tenby Schools Community

Malaysian, Finnish, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, India, and many more…

These Finnish Pulla are so good that you will want to go to Helsinki for Christmas !

Marco Polo brought the Calzone to China?
Chinese Teriyaki !
Vegetarian Dumplings
Freshly Cooked – Authentic Taste – Better Than Fast Food
Need a Sweet Dish? Try our Mango Rice Cake !

The Most Authentic Japanese Experience in Penang!

Grilled Chicken – Japanese Style

How Mochi is Freshly Made !
Isobe Mochi – It’s worth coming just for THIS !
Kinako Mochi – You must try it to believe it’s so good !
Anko Mochi
Hot Dogs ! Just like being in America
The authentic home-made Kimchi is very famous for its delightful taste and medicinal properties
  • Drink Options
    • Stay Hydrated All Day Long
    • Abundant drinks, featuring Peach Tea, Coffee, Tea, and Water
  • Market Bazaar
    • Market stalls highlighting numerous arts, crafts and items from local suppliers
Something for Everyone Here !
Local Artisans Displaying Their Wares
  • New Additions for the 2019 Fair
    • Secondhand Book Stall – Come and choose from our wonderful selection of books.
    • Tenby Clothing items – Brand new Tenby items for Parents and Tenby Supporters, including unmistakable Tenby T-shirts, so you can show your allegiance to the school at events, and wherever else your daily routine may take you.